About Us

B & J.G. Hodge was established in 1981 by its founder Jim Hodge.  This followed his long career (35 years) with Mono Pumps.  As Technical Director he was involved with product development, R and D and all matters relating to pump manufacturing. His wider involvement and leadership in the pump industry included his role as President of the Australian Pump Manufacturers Association.

Over the years our company has specialised in the field of mechanical seals and has developed close working relationships with several of the leading seal manufacturers in the world. Many Australian O.E.M.'s have utilised our expertise and recommendations in the development of their pumps and sealing assemblies. A much wider range of imported equipment contain our seals and could be anything from a grey water pump in a submarine to a chemical pump having a seal with diamond coated seal faces.

The Hodge team continues to provide customers with timely and effective solutions. Our approach is to critically assess products and not to sacrifice quality for short term profit.  Looking the same does not translate to being the same. Indeed, the life and service of our products is proof of their quality and the basis of their reputation.